Howard Tullman on the Future of Tech Startups

One need only glance at the headlines to know the economy's long been circling the drain. You don't need us to tell you the future's looking bleak. But finally, there's an optimistic voice piping up to be heard: Flashpoint Academy CEO Howard Tullman's.

Speaking at a recent angel excelerator, Tullman broke down what he saw as the future for tech startups in five easily identifiable trends:

1. Hyper Personalization

2. Know Before You Go

3. Constant Connection

4. Whom Do You Trust?

5. Mocial

Now, out of context they might not make a whole ton of sense but they all point towards businesses being far more predictable to run. Or, as Jeffrey Carter, former member of the CME board of directors put it, we're facing "the decline of randomness."

Carter does an excellent job breaking down and analyzing Tullman's speech further, and he also points out how the changes addressed in his talk are already happening. Many people know that social media is here to stay but it's evolving -- as is the way we're using the Internet -- but there are some great insights into how startups can better attack marketing, mobile computing and even gamification.

Give it a read over at Carter's blog.

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