How You Can Play Pac-Man on Chicago Streets in Google Maps

The stunt is part of Google's annual April Fools' Day joke

Forget the arcade. Google Maps has turned the streets of your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game of its own.

Every year on or around April Fools' Day, Google unleashes a new stunt. Last year, you could play the ultimate "Pokemon Challenge" and search for Pokemon all over the world on Google Maps. This year, you can choose "Pac-Man view" in leiu of "street view" and play the game right there.

When you open Google Maps, you can type in any address in the world. Once Google takes you to your destination, click on the Pac-Man icon in the lower left-hand corner to play the game.

Playing Pac-Man on Chicago's streets is relatively straightforward because of the grid system. But try playing in Tokyo or Lisbon, for example, and it becomes a little trickier to navigate the winding streets.

If the address you type into Google Maps does not have enough roads to power a Pac-Man game, you can click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, which will take you somewhere else in the world.

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