Robocalls, Scams at ‘Epidemic Proportions,' Official Says

Robocalls been a big problem for a long time, and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

Steve Bernas, with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois, says robocalls have been on the rise.

“It’s at epidemic proportions in some situations,” he told NBC 5 Monday.

YouMail, which analyzes calls through its robocall blocking service, says robocalls have reached to more than 3 billion calls by the month of April--an increase of almost 900 million calls a month compared to last year.

“They wouldn’t call you if it wasn’t working, basically they throw everything at the wall trying to determine who is going to answer," Bernas says.

The director of IT at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Louis McHugh, says it is incredibly cheap to make robocalls.

“In any of these scam type situations it's about making money,” McHugh says.

McHugh says there are apps you can download to block the calls, but the easiest way.

“You have to do homework and not answer," Bernas says. "You don’t know where they are coming from."

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