How to Say Thank You Effectively

Tari Newsom

That headline sounds weird, right?

Because "thank you" is just two little words, right? How could you possibly say it wrong? Well, there are plenty of ways. has a great post on this very topic with intel from someone uniquely qualified to speak on it: Erin Newkirk, who runs online correspondence site Red Stamp. (Red Stamp lets you send personalized notes via Internet or offline channels with postcards -- think of it as a site that does the thank-you note equivalent of evites.)

Newkirk tells Fast Company a handful of simple rules to guide your communique. Basically, they're similar rules that apply to when you're signing a birthday card that's being circulated around the office. Don't fuss too much over what to write, just write something. And while you're at it, make it personal, but stay professional. Oh, and in the words of the "hilarious" Bill Maher, here's a new rule: no emoticons. As Newkirk correctly points out, "there are ways to be light and convey tone without them."

One other sharp tip before I toss you over to the post again is this one: take advantage of non-traditional holidays. Anyone can send a note for Valentine's Day (which is Tuesday, for you disorganized lovers out there), but sending a note on a non-tentpole holiday is a sure way to be remembered.

Read the full post here.

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