How to Market to Hostess Doomsayers

 Have no fear, Twinkies are still here.   

Original Baby’s Cheesesteak restaurant, in an effort to gain marketing traction by playing on the fears of Hostess doomsayers, is giving out 10,000 Twinkies snack cakes as well as 2,000 cupcakes this Wednesday.  Stacked floor to ceiling with the delicacies, both the Orland Park and Country Club Hills locations will give one dessert free with any purchase.
What is the motivation, you ask?  The answer is simple.
“Why not?” Facebook is free, twitter is free, why not Twinkies?” co-owner Andre Deleon said.
While Hostess Brand may be gone, Original Baby’s Cheesesteak’s business has been booming ever since they opened in 2006.  Now, the co-owners Henry Sughayer and Andres Deleon wanted to give back to their customers, claiming, “It’s kind of a thank you,  a giant Christmas present to the world.”
Capitalizing on social media platforms, Deleon specifically has been spreading the word through Facebook, Twitter  and his personal blog. 
The new item on menu that is making mouths water is their very own concoction: The Twinkie Milkshake, made out of ice cream, milk and one and a half Twinkies.
“People are going to come in, share the photo, tweet what they eat, and re-post photos,” adds Deleon.
Both owners see the investment as minimal compared with the response they expect to get from the public.
Unfortunately, there are only so many Twinkies to go around, so make sure to get yours before they rest in peace, for a second time.
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