How to Make the Day-to-Day Easier

Are you busy all day but at the end of the day not sure what you got done? Is it hard to delegate tasks that someone else could and should really be doing?

Then it's time to evaluate your systems for getting things done. Think about each task that you need to get done and ask the following questions:

  • Is it essential?
  • Does it move your business forward?
  • Does it increase the bottom line?
  • Is it critical to running your company? If not, why are you doing it?
  • Do you have to personally do it? If not, delegate it.
  • Can it be scheduled so that it is consistently done at the same time every day, week, or month?
  • Can a procedure be written so that it can be done by more than one person and done to the same standard each time?

As a business owner it is hard to delegate tasks because you want them done the way you want them done. However, if your focus is only on the day to day it will be hard to grow or even sustain your company. Your focus needs to be on the big picture, the strategy and direction of your business.

Schedule time, even a whole day, to think through tasks you are doing and why.  This will help you determine where your time goes each day.  Once you determine what is taking up your time and what you really should be spending time on, your days will be more effective.  Consider the following actions to help create effective days and weeks.

  1. Use the list you created and divide it into daily, weekly, and monthly items.
  2. Delegate with clear directions and expectations anything you do not have to do.

  3. Schedule the items that you have to do into your daily routine so that you make time for them.
  4. Hold a weekly meeting with any staff to make sure goals and expectations are being met.

Scheduling the items into your day is extremely important. If what you need to do is on your schedule, you start to see where your time goes and what you can realistically take on and do well. Once you have control over your tasks you can get more done and feel productive without feeling overwhelmed. 

As managing partner of MJF Partners LLC, Ms. Flynn brings over eight years of experience in small business and non-profit development. Prior to founding MJF Partners, Ms. Flynn was the executive director of the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce. As executive director she brought her passion for independent business and community building to Lincoln Square and created a sense of place that helped to transform the Lincoln Square Community. Flynn is a skilled and experienced executive with a proven track record of creating a successful business climate balanced by strong values of sustainability and community. This experience is utilized as she partners with businesses to maximize resources and opportunities to exceed their goals.

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