How to Keep Your Job (And Such)

Report suggests five ways to create workplace security

The holidays are over, and if you were lucky enough to have celebrated in a traditional fashion -- entertaining friends, giving gifts to those close to you and taking time to be thankful for what you have -- you may still find yourself facing the new year with plenty of uncertainty.

Jobs are especially threatened in the current economic climate of the country, and in most work places, you'd need only look around you to see that the numbers of fellow employees are dwindling.

So, what can you do to keep your job? There is no fool-proof method or sure-fire way to stay employed, but as part of a series on the effects of the current recession the Chicago Tribune laid out five simple practices that can only help.

In the first article of the series on Sunday, the newspaper looked at "10 Steps to a Better Family Budget," which began by saying, "Take heart: 2009 marks an ideal time to take hold of your finances and create a family budget that gives you fiscal peace and a clear list of spending and saving goals for the months ahead."

It's a scary time for most Americans, regardless of your economic standing, and the Tribune points out that now is the time to "take stock of your economic health."

Experts are predicting that this economic turndown will last for at least another year.  Why not turn to the Tribune for help on how to navigate these rough waters.


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