Why You Should Use Twitter as a Recruiting Tool

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Social networking has become the norm for how we interact with one another. It doesn’t stop at the casual; social networks are now a market for professional opportunities as well. And while Twitter is a particularly good tool when it comes to hiring and marketing, having a Twitter account can even give you an edge on the competition.

“Immediate” is the name of the game when it comes to information these days. We want it right now, minute to minute, and the faster we get it, the sooner it becomes obsolete. Businesses know this, and have begun using Twitter as a way to get out everything from specials to events and job openings.

It has the added benefit of advertising your openings to followers, people who already have an interest in your business. It provides an easy method of reaching out to potential employees who know the value of being the first in line for a new opportunity. Therefore, Twitter can also create a feeling of exclusivity: Followers will be the first privy to new deals and information, and thus get to take advantage of it before other customers. 

It is advantageous to hire people who know how to use Twitter to its greatest potential, creating a guerilla marketing force. Your employees’ Twitter followers are a potential audience for your company. Allowing them to spread the word can make your company seem more welcoming as opposed to being an obvious marketing ploy because it comes from real people who work there and not some account with a logo attached to it. Of course, it’s important to keep some personality in your tweets, but companies want a good representative of their brand. Make sure your employees understand that if you want to make use of their social media prowess.

The power of those 140 characters is increasing as social media becomes the new marketplace. This new method of marketing is key to reaching out to the demographics that are pushing consumption. 

Lauren Knight landed in Chicago after four years abroad with stints in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Having had her share of pounding the pavement, she found a place here helping others find jobs at Shiftgig.com, the service industry job community. She now heads up content and HR for the site and fills her free time with Chicago’s amazing dining, music and sports scenes.

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