How to Help Illinois' Tornado Victims

Responders from the American Red Cross were deployed late Thursday to Northern Illinois after at least one deadly tornado raked several counties.

Hardest hit was the small village of Fairdale. The community of about 150 residents was devastated, with officials saying that every standing structure was either damaged or destroyed.

A Facebook page to share news and well-wishes about Fairdale was created shortly after the storm passed. 

The American Red Cross website has a donation tool, and users can specify that funds be siphoned to a local chapter. Credit cards are accepted.

The Salvation Army also is collecting donations for emergency disaster relief. Donate to the Salvation Army here

The Northern Illinois Food Bank is collecting donations here

The Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere, about 15 miles northeast of Fairdale, was also hit by the storm. A representative said two animals were killed and there was significant damage to buildings and fencing. 

"The owners will need immense help to continue," a spokesperson posted to Facebook.

An account on the fundraising site was created on behalf of the zoo. The organization posted that the cost to repair damaged fencing could exceed $20,000. Insurance will cover some of the damage to the buildings, but not the outside structures, the zoo said. 

A Fairdale Relief Fund was set up in conjunction with the Kirkland Fire Department. Donations and goods for the families recovering will be accepted at 1440 E. Devon Ave. in Elk Grove Village. For more information, visit their website here.

Editor's Note: This post will be updated as information about additional resources becomes available.

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