How to Get Over the Loss, Packers Fans

Hey there, Packers. We noticed that you lost on Sunday. We watched as your receivers forgot how to catch passes, and as Aaron Rodgers was sacked four times and picked off once. We saw your shoddy defense finally catch up with you. The New York Giants knocked you out of the playoffs, and yes, Chicago Bears fans were watching.

We write you not to rub it in, but to offer a few tips on how to handle a gut-punch loss like this one. After all, we learned about losing in the playoffs last season, when Rodgers and Cutler's injury worked together to end the Bears season without any trophies.

First off, it's OK to sulk about the loss for a bit, but try not to take it out on anyone else. Really, who are you mad at? It's Aaron Rodgers, and that's OK to admit.

Secondly, use the extra time to work on your New Year's resolution. What can you do, if not perfecting your cheesehead, covering yourself in green and gold body paint, or practicing how to catch a Lambeau-leaping player? It's time to work on yourself. Take up that knitting or cheesemaking class that you've always wanted to try. This is the time to go dancing and do more than the discount double-check.

Finally, work towards acceptance. The Packers are no longer the Super Bowl champions. There will no title in Titletown, U.S.A. Don't fight it. Accept it and move on.

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