How To Find Your Family After the Chicago Marathon

Stacia Smith,

With an estimated 1.7 million spectators filling the streets of Chicago for the Marathon on Sunday, it might be tough to meet up with just a handful of people once you've completed your run.

If you're worried about searching for your family and friends in the post-race craziness, check out the discussion forum on the Runner's World website.

One first-time participant asks for advice on meeting up with her husband and kids, and a few seasoned runners giver her pointers. Check it out here, but the bottom line is that you should pick a landmark (some recommend Buckingham Fountain) and make sure to communicate where you'll be meeting beforehand! 

Another helpful hint? Your finish line beer will come before the gear check, so one runner recommends that you don't stow your ticket, but attach it to your bib instead for easy access. Once you've got your family, your beer and your sense of accomplishment, sit back and enjoy the post-race party! 

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