How to Find a Publisher for Your Book: Guest

Abby Gregory

You finally wrote your masterpiece, and now you need a publisher to print it. 

Seems impossible doesn't it?

You don't know any professional writers or anyone who has actually published a book, so you're completely at a loss. So you head for the nearest bookstore and the first book you grab says you need an agent. But how do you find an agent? Well, there's a book of agents to look at, too.

But you really don't want an agent. In fact there are tons of books for you to purchase and pretty soon you're very discouraged. I know I was. All you want is a publisher! What's your first step now?

Start by identifying your goals. You may have written your book for educational purposes, inspirational purposes, or for future generations of your family. Whatever the reason, identify what audiences would be most interested in reading your book. You may not realize it, but that's the beginning of your marketing plan. Marketing plan! You have no idea what that is! That's okay. The more audiences, the better your chances of reaching a publisher interested in your book and the better you will be able to identify the right publisher for your book.

Go back to the bookstore and purchase two books: one of publishers and one of how to publish your book. Just read the "how to" book to give yourself a little knowledge and familiarize yourself with the ways to publish your book. You will have to formulate in your own mind which method fits your lifestyle and pocketbook. When I say, "publish a book" that means you have a manuscript completed. You still must "print" it. Books can be printed as you sell them also and therefore you can avoid any upfront expenses. Or you can find a publisher to do that for you. Or you can do a combination of both.

Where you live and where your publisher is located may be important to you. Publishers are generally listed by state. Look through them. There will be a description of the kind of books they require. You may prefer a small publisher in your area. Get a feel for what your preference is. You can go to your local library and find out if they have a writer's group that meets and find out which publishers they have used -- there are almost always some published writers in most groups.

Start talking about your book to your family and friends. Ask them if they know of anyone who wrote a book and published it. You'll be surprised how this networking will produce a wealth of information. Use this to further your knowledge and speak to everyone with a lead. You may very well find that small publisher you were looking for rather than going through the "auditioning" part with publishers you don't know.

Identify the publisher or publishers you wish to target. Send them your letter and any other information they require. Remember you will need a completed manuscript. Better yet, meet with a small publisher in or near your area that specializes in your kind of book.

And now it begins ...

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