How to Be Prepared to Start your Own Biz

Jewish Business News Chicago has a great roundup of people's stories on getting over the initial hump and potentially grim days of being a fledgling entrepreneur -- something anyone thinking of taking the plunge or currently in it should read.

It's chockfull of advice, cautionary tales, and motivating factoids from local small businessmen and businesswomen.

"It's about not giving up," said Elaine Krieger, president of Naperville-based Krieger Kiddie Corporation. "If I hadn’t gone to that sixth bank [for financing], I wouldn’t be where I am today."

There's also a few quotes from Marianne O’Brien Markowitz, the regional small business administrator, who says that, historically, recessions have produced the strongest businesses.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be prepared, and part of that means setting realistic goals and taking advantage of classes offered by places like the Illinois Small Business Development Center so when you do take the plunge, it's an educated dive and not a free-fall.

Read the full article over at Jewish Business News Chicago.

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