How Amazon’s Proposed California Anti-Tax Vote Impacts You

Sales tax and how it pertains to online businesses is something of a fuzzy area at the moment.

There's this recent flare-up with Groupon, and now Amazon will be asking California voters to decide whether the state should require the online merchant to collect sales tax. Why should we care in Chicago about what they think?

There's a few reasons.

A similar law just passed right here in Illinois, but it caused Amazon to just pack up and leave when we implemented the tax. Of course, losing Amazon is a major blow, so the shakeout of this California vote may yield information on how to work with the online retailer giant and eventually get around this issue all the way around. Looks like Amazon has its work cut out for it, though, as Californians are rather divided on the issue.

A recent piece in the New York Times further explores how Californians are split.

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