Park Forest

How 2 Suburban Officers Went Above and Beyond to Help Child After Bike Damaged by Person in Mental Health Crisis

Two suburban police officers went out of their way Wednesday night to help after a child's bicycle was damaged by a man having a mental health crisis, according to the department's social media post.

Park Forest Police Chief Christopher Mannino wrote on Facebook that several officers responded to a call Wednesday where a man was in a mental health crisis and damaged a child's bike.

Sgt. Julius Moore and Officer Jennifer Keith went to the department's bicycle impound, where abandoned bikes are kept, and searched for a match to the child's damaged bike, Mannino wrote.

"They located tools, swapped out parts, and returned the bicycle to the child as if it had never been broken," Mannino said.

The two's supervisor, Cmdr. John DeCeault, saw what the two were doing overnight on in-house surveillance and notified the deputy chiefs, according to the Facebook post.

"If you’ve read my notes before, then you might recall I often say that I can’t promise we will always get it right. We are human. But so often, we more than get it right. In this case, two officers took the time to make sure a kid with a busted-up bicycle got it back as if nothing had happened. And a Commander recognized exceptional work when he saw it and made sure his bosses knew about it. My hope is that when you hear about accounts like this, you’re as proud of the men and women who serve on this department as I am," Massino said to end his Facebook post.

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