Hottest Places to Buy in Chicago, Suburbs: Report

So far this year, it appears Chicago-area home buyers are trading some of the most popular neighborhoods and suburbs for more affordable options. 

According to a Crain’s Chicago analysis of sales data in the area, the first three months of the year took a shift from 2016.

The data showed more people buying in the Irving Park and Near North parts of Chicago as well as in suburban Glendale Heights. 

The report looked for places where both the number of sales and the median price of homes that sold went up, and those where the average time it took to sell a home decreased. 

For single family homes in Chicago, Irving Park, Ashburn, Lincoln Square, Bridgeport, and North Center were named among the top. The Irving Park neighborhood saw an average sale price of $505,000 so far this year. 

For condos and townhouses in Chicago, Near North, West Town, Lincoln Square, Loop and West Rdige were listed. 

In the suburbs, Glendale Heights took the top spot with an average sale price of $168,000. 

Also named were Oak Lawn, Joliet, Antioch and Wheeling.

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