Wrigley Field

Hotel Zachary Taking Reservations Ahead of March Opening

The hotel is said to be a "world-class restaurant destination"

Wrigleyville’s huge new high-end hotel, Hotel Zachary, opens in just a few weeks along with various attached restaurants.

Guests can currently reserve a room for April 23 and later, but the hotel has not yet opened reservations between the March 26 opening and April 22. Those dates will be available close to the opening, according to the Hotel Zachary website.

The hotel, 3630 N. Clark St.—right across from Wrigley Field—is promised to be a “world-class restaurant destination” with everything from five-star dining to McDonald’s, according to its website.

Depending on the type of room and date of stay, nightly rates range from $280 to more than $900 after charges and taxes, according to the booking website.

Inspiration for the hotel’s design came from the work of Wrigley Field architect and the hotel’s namesake, Zachary Taylor Davis. Davis, an Aurora native, was a revolutionary architect known as “the Frank Lloyd Wright of baseball architects,” according to the Hotel Zachary website, so the hotel's design is meant to honor his work.

Hotel Zachary is not the only nostalgic hotel coming to Wrigleyville this spring. The Wheelhouse, 3475 N. Clark St., is a smaller boutique hotel heavily inspired by the Cubs. 

Hickory Street Capital, owned by the Ricketts family, is behind the Hotel Zachary development.

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