Hot Doug’s Serves its Last Gourmet Dog

Legendary Avondale hot dog stand closed its doors for good on Friday

Legendary Avondale restaurant Hot Doug's closed its doors for good Friday night.

Lines at the restaurant have always been long, but especially so since owner Dough Sohn announced months ago that Oct. 3 would be the last day.

Christine Cava recently moved back to Chicago and got in line at 3 a.m. so she wouldn't miss out. She said she planned to get "one of everything."

Some customers carried signs and dressed in costumes, all to honor the owner and restaurant that has garnered a cult following for its gourmet hot dogs over the past 14 years.

"The fact that we stayed open beyond six months is extraordinary to me, it is incomprehensible, so wonderful, so unbelievably cool," Sohn said.

The line closed at 6:45 a.m. in order to make sure everyone would be served before the 4 p.m. closing.

"It's the quality of the food, it's Doug, he's amazing, it's an amazing environment. We just met this whole group and we're best friends now," customer Nelly Alvarez said.

And to top off the end of an era, champagne was served and the owner ordered the last hot dog.

Sohn said he plans to travel to celebrate his newfound freedom.

A new restaurant will soon be announced in the Hot Doug's space.

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