Hot Dog Emoji Now Available on Apple Devices

The hot dog emoji is now available with Apple’s latest update to allow Mac and iPhone users to express their love for the beloved food.

Some local business took to social media to celebrate the new emoji.

It should be noted that the emoji comes after a campaign last year by Chicago hot dog restaurant Superdawg to make it a reality.

General Manager Laura Ustick began a campaign to advocate for the creation of the hot dog emoji, and the campaign attracted national attention. Emoji are the colorful pictures and icons used in electronic messages to communicate things, from feelings to food.

Ustick noticed a demand for the emoji after witnessing Twitter discussions about the absence of a hot dog. After that, she has joined the conversation and created a prototype for the emoji. She even launched a petition asking emoji creator Shigetaka Kurita to add a hotdog symbol -- without ketchup -- to the visual library.

"We take our hot dogs very seriously," Usick said about the campaign.

Ustick used social media sites like Twitter and the Facebook page "Hot Dog Emoji Coalition" to get the word out.

"The emoji is a universal language, and the hot dog is a universal food," she said.

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