Homeless Man Has to Move Out of Naperville

No jail time has been attached to the ordinance.

Scott Huber has been living on the streets of Naperville for the better part of a decade.

But after the Naperville City Council Tuesday approved an ordinance banning sleeping, camping and stowing personal property downtown Huber is going to have to find other digs.

Huber, 58, is not happy about the planned eviction, which is due at the end of the month. He contends that he isn’t homeless, just protesting city government with his encampment on Chicago Avenue.

"There is no excuse for those affluent and holier than thou in Naperville to violate federal law and ban my presence," Huber, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Naperville in 2007, told the Daily Herald.

Huber, who's Chicago Avenue tent includes a generator and a laptop, was allowed to make his case before the council on Tuesday.  But his plea fell on deaf ears. The council voted 6-1 for the downtown ban.

The lone vote against the ordinance came from councilman Robert Fieseler who said he had reservations about bringing the heavy hand of government down on peoples actions and behavior.

Fieseler said Huber ought to just move his tent and personal belongings outside of downtown to avoid fines -- $50 for the first or second offenses within a year and $100 for third and subsequent offenses. 

No jail time has been attached to the ordinance.

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