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Lakeview Home Invasions Connected, Police Say

Community Alert issued Thursday after second connected invasion in a week



    Lakeview Home Invasions Connected, Police Say
    At least two homes on West Barry Avenue have been broken into in the last week.

    The two home invasions on West Barry Avenue that occurred in the last week are connected, police said Friday.  Unrelated, authorities said, are two others that have occurred in Wrigleyville in the last month.

    In all, burglars entered homes and have gotten away with laptops, TVs, cell phones and jewelry.  There was no significant harm to residents, police said in a Friday afternoon press event.

    The invasions on Barry happened last week Friday and on Thursday.  In the latter, two or three men armed with guns broke in through a home's window, tied up the residents and "cleaned the place out." 

    The incidents prompted police to issue a community alert.

    "The armed aspects of these are what has us .. that's the alarming factor," said Chicago police Sgt. Timothy Kusinski.

    Police advise residents to stay alert and keep windows and doors locked.