Holy Headline! Tribune Goes Tabloid!

Chicago Tribune launches commuter edition

Let the taboid wars begin.

The Chicago Tribune is going  head-to-head with the Chicago Sun-Times when it begins publishing a  tabloid-size edition of its newspaper Monday.

The commuter edition will be available Monday through Friday at newsstands, retail outlets, newspaper boxes and train and bus stations.

The content will reportedly be the same as the traditional broadsheet edition but will be targeted toward consumers "on the go." 
The effort comes as both Chicago newspapers find themselves struggling to survive cost increases and relevance in a digital world.

“Many news consumers have asked for a more convenient version of the paper that contains all of the same great news and information,” said Tony Hunter, president, publisher and CEO of Chicago Tribune Media Group. “Companies succeed when they leverage strong brands and respond to customer feedback.”

The Chicago Sun-Times says it's not worried about rival Tribune's plans to launch a tabloid version.

Sun-Times spokeswoman Tammy Chase said she's confident Tribune's tabloid won't deliver a knock-out blow.  She said the Sun-Times has been working with tabloid formats for decades and is good at it.  She said that gives it an advantage over the Tribune.

A copy of the Chicago Tribune's fresh format will be free next Monday, but will cost $.75 thereafter.

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