Hockey Fan Calls Penalty on Website's Return Policy

A life-long Chicago Blackhawks supporter said what he thought would be a simple gift return to the NHL’s online merchandise store led to problems until he contacted NBC 5 Responds.

Tom Vasko of suburban Long Grove purchased a $140 Blackhawks jersey for his wife as a Christmas gift. He said the item was delivered in early October.

However, the jersey turned out to be the wrong size. Vasko said he sent it back the day after Christmas.

“The tags and everything were still on the jersey, so I returned it,” Vasko said.

But instead of receiving store credit from, Vasko said he was told he would receive nothing and that the jersey he had returned had been donated.

“I gave you my 140 dollars and I gave you back the jersey and I now have nothing and you’re telling me I’m going to get nothing?” Vasko recalled telling a customer service representative.

The website’s return policy specifies returns outside 60 days will be donated. However, Vasko said the company’s message was different on another document.

“The return policy on the document for the return form said if it’s a gift you can return it and get a store credit,” Vasko said. “It didn’t even address the sixty days.”

NBC 5 Responds contacted to inquire about Vasko’s gift return.

A business representative emailed Vasko to apologize for the inconvenience regarding his returned item and issued a $140.35 refund as a one-time courtesy.

“When you contact NBC Responds, NBC responds,” Vasko said.

Vasko purchased another jersey for his wife in the meantime.

“We all sit and watch the Hawks games. Good or bad,” Vasko said.

He urges consumers who buy gifts to always double-check the store’s gift return policy.

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