Highland Park Unveils Jason Brown Ice Sculpture

Brown earned a bronze medal over the weekend in the team skate competition

The friends and family of figure skater Jason Brown found a unique way to show their pride for their native son who's already come up big in Sochi.

A 10-foot ice replica that even includes Brown's signature ponytail, was unveiled Wednesday in Port Clinton Square to a cheering crowd that included the Olympian's family, friends, skate instructors and members of Highland Park Skate Club, where Jason began figure skating at a young age.

"I think it's pretty cool, and I wish I could do that one day," young figure skater Jake Eraluck said.

The ice sculpture was created by artist Nate Johnson. It's the latest in a number of symbols and signs of support for the hometown skater that have been popping up around town.

"We send him pictures of all the signs and all the stuff the people of Highland Park has done for him, and he gets so excited and happy," Brown's best friend, Jacob Simon, said.

When Brown does return, he'll be hard-pressed to find some post-performance rest, because everyone it seems has a message, question or a hug for the Olympian.

"I'll probably ask him how he handled all those nerves, and that he did a great job," Gillian Cairo said.

Brown earned a bronze medal over the weekend in the team skate competition. He'll compete in singles starting on Thursday.

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