Teen Scares Off Home Intruder

Police believe the break-in was planned and professional

An Indiana teen said she's never been more scared than Wednesday morning, when she was home with her little brother and someone broke into the house.

"I was scared. I was crying because I didn't know what was happening. I thought I was going to die," the girl, named Yasmin, recalled hours later.

Police believe the break-in was planned and professional. The burglar broke in through the backdoor of the home after the parents had left for work and the kids were getting ready for school.

Yasmin pulled her little brother into her bedroom and called 911.

"I was whispering on the phone and it was silent. I didn't hear him breathing, him walking or anything. And then I just see my door ... it was opening so I held the dresser [to it] so he couldn't come in," she said.

Police believe the intruder heard the girl on the phone with police, became scared and ran. Investigators said they later found some a hoodie and other dark clothing they believe the intruder shed as he ran off.

At the family's request, NBC Chicago is not identifying the family by their last name or their exact address. But a police officer lives on the same block and the police station is nearby, so the response from authorities was a quick one.

The family has already replaced the door with the shattered window with a new, solid model with deadbolt.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crime to contact the Highland Police Department at 219-838-3184.

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