Here's How You Can Get Chicago's Secret Burger – If You're Lucky Enough

Chicago's Secret Burger isn't really much of a secret anymore, but it's still an elusive treat for many city meat eaters looking to take a bite.

The photo-worthy burger been has growing in popularity, with its mystery chef even becoming the center of a recent Chicago Tribune interview, but only few have had the opportunity to taste one.

So the question everyone seems to be asking now is: how can you get it?

The burgers are only given to raffle winners via the Chicago Secret Burger Instagram account. The most recent drawings were done for the month of June.

"This little burger project has grown more than I could have possibly imagined," the creator of the account wrote on Instagram last month. "Definitely goes to show how great of a food city Chicago is. It’s been a crazy 1st year doing this and I look forward to growing in year 2! Time to get more burgers out to all of you."

While details on July raffles have yet to be released, the account stated Wednesday that more information for July raffles will be distributed next week. In addition, plans are also in the works for August.

While the unnamed chef told the Tribune that an estimated 100 burgers are cooked up each Saturday, the account revealed last month it was "increasing quantities and got the big flat top prepped!"

So, if you're looking to get in on the not-so-secret-but-still-elusive burger craze, it would appear now is your chance.  

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