Here Are the Illinois Counties Where You Should Still Wear a Mask, According to CDC

Masks are recommended in a total of 21 Illinois counties, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The U.S. has relaxed mask guidance for the majority of Americans, explaining more than 70% of people live in areas where masks can safely be removed indoors.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a shift in metrics Friday that leans less heavily on COVID-19 cases and instead gives more weight to hospitalizations and hospital capacity.

While the new recommendation means most people don't need to wear a mask indoors, that's not the case for everyone in Illinois.

Masks aren't recommended in the any Illinois counties in the Chicago area. Most, except one, are ranked as "low" community levels - the lowest category of risk as defined by the CDC.

As shown in a map from the CDC, counties said to have "low" community levels are colored green, those with "medium" levels are yellow and areas with "high" levels are orange.

LaSalle County has been ranked as a "medium" community level. In these locations, those at risk for severe illness are encouraged to talk to their health care provider about whether a mask should be worn and if other precautions should be taken, according to the CDC.

Kenosha County, Wisconsin, is the only area county listed as having "high" risk. According to CDC guidelines, in such areas, people are advised to wear masks in public indoor spaces, including schools, and take additional precautions if at risk for severe illness.

A total of 21 Illinois counties are experiencing troublesome metrics and are too listed as having "high" COVID transmission.

The counties where masks are recommended are listed below:

  • Adams County
  • Brown County
  • Christian County
  • Clark County
  • Edgar County
  • Franklin County
  • Gallatin County
  • Jackson County
  • Jefferson County
  • Johnson County
  • Marion County
  • Massac County
  • McDonough County
  • Perry County
  • Pike County
  • Saline County
  • Stark County
  • Wabash County
  • Washington County
  • Wayne County
  • Williamson County

To learn more information about the situation in your community, you can find the CDC's map of community levels by county here.

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