Here Are Chicago's Top Food Delivery Orders, According to Grubhub


Chicago's most popular food delivery orders have been revealed.

According to a new report from Grubhub, city residents have ordered thin crust pepperoni pizza more than any other dish as of 2021.

Here are Chicago's top orders:

  1. Thin crust pepperoni pizza
  2. Picadillo taco
  3. Korean barbeque cauliflower wing
  4. Molten lava cake
  5. Horchata latte
  6. Butternut squash pizza
  7. Baba ghanoush
  8. Penne alla Bolognese
  9. Deep dish pepperoni pizza
  10. Shrimp po boy sandwich

The results were calculated based on tens of millions of orders on the online platform from January to June 2021 compared to the same time period in 2020, Grubhub noted.

In addition to the top orders, John's Pizzeria Ristorante & Lounge and El Taconanzo El Tio made Grubhub's list for restaurants rising in popularity during 2021, based on an analysis of over 300,000 partners.

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