“Helmet Lady” Says Use Your Head

She never tires of reminding cyclists about the importance of protection

A North Side cyclist is taking on the fight to protect the heads of fellow bikers.

It's simple, according to 67-year-old Kathy Shubert, of Lincoln Park, who is a self-appointed bike helmet advocate, the Sun-Times reported Monday.

The first thing that might tip you off to Schubert's crusade is the small handmade bike helmet that sits atop the head of her miniature schnauzer, Suzy, who rides in a basket on the bike.  Then, there's the box of lifesaving helmets that she collects, labeled "Helmets Which Saved a Head."

She has handed out hundreds of stickers that read, "You'd look hotter in a helmet," and she makes a point of sending a calling or e-mailing advertisers or organizations that include people without helmets riding bikes.

If that's not enough, follow her as she rides and see that she's not afraid to tell other bikers that they should be wearing helmets. Those comments aren't often recieved warmly, with many people telling her to mind her own business, but she told the Sun-Times that she wants people to think about it.

According to the Sun-Times, "Schubert has been a helmet advocate ever since she took a serious fall 30 years ago while riding in Wisconsin."

She attributes her helmet with saving her life in that crash.

So don't be surpised if she has something to say to you as you peddle around twon, especially if you're leaving your head unprotected.

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