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Hazy Smoke Over Chicago Suburbs Caused by Canadian Wildfires

Crystal Lake residents were treated to an interesting sight on Thursday, as a haze of smoke is floating around the city.

According to the Crystal Lake Fire Department, the smoke is being caused by a fire not in Illinois, and not even in the United States. Rather, it is the result of wildfires in Canada, and the smoke is being forced into the area by the jet stream, according to the department.

The department says that conditions are not hazardous, but said that residents with respiratory issues are advised to remain inside while the smoke is around.

The smoke from wildfires in Saskatchewan and Manitoba is being pushed south by the jet stream, and Crystal Lake isn’t the only town dealing with it.

Smoke has also been reported in Lake and McHenry County, and the Grayslake Fire Protection District issued a statement telling residents the smoke around the area is related to the Canadian fires. 

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