Hawks Headlines: What Cost the Hawks Game 3?

Also, thoughts on Susannah Collins and Bobby Hull

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks will try to rebound from their 3-2 Game 3 loss to the Minnesota Wild when they hit the ice again on Tuesday. Before we get around to looking ahead to that contest, we collected some of the top stories surrounding the team from around the internet in this edition of Hawks Headlines.

  • Despite the protests of a small but vocal group of Hawks fans, it was Corey Crawford’s Game 3 performance that enabled the Blackhawks to even have a shot to win the contest. Scott Powers agrees with this sentiment. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Tracey Myers focused less on what the Blackhawks did wrong and more about what the Wild did right in defeating Chicago on Sunday afternoon. [CSN Chicago]
  • Brian Hamilton had a discussion about the Hawks’ seeming inability to hit back against the Wild, who came out of the gate eager and willing to engage Chicago in the physicality department. He points to a “glaring 21 hit disparity” between the teams but then contradicts himself a little bit later into the piece when he says that the Wild “very nearly checked themselves out of the game Sunday.” The fact of the matter is that the Hawks don’t need to outhit a team in order to beat them. They simply need to be able to take advantage of another team’s aggressiveness and capitalize on mistakes. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Mark Lazerus also discusses another element of the Hawks’ game that has been hampering them in this series: their lackluster power play. [Chicago Sun-Times]
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