Hawks Headlines: Toews Discusses Stardom, NHL Life

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In this edition of Hawks Headlines, we take a look at Jonathan Toews discussing his role as a face of the NHL, Patrick Kane’s increasing power play workload, and whether or not the Chicago Blackhawks will make a move before the NHL trade deadline.

-We start out with Toews, who took a break from appearing in videos about arena etiquette and buying Girl Scout cookies to discuss what it’s like to be one of the faces of the NHL. [CSN Chicago]

-If you’ve noticed Patrick Kane playing a lot of extra time on the power play for the Blackhawks lately, there’s a good reason for that. [Chicago Tribune]

-Catching the Nashville Predators in the Central Division is going to be a really tall order for the Blackhawks this season, but catching the Blues (whom the Blackhawks play two more times in the regular season) is a lot more realistic. [Daily Herald]

-Friend of the blog Scott Powers sat down for his weekly podcast with NHL.com’s Brian Hedger to discuss whether or not the Blackhawks will make a move before the NHL trade deadline. [ESPN Chicago]

-Satchel Price also weighs in on the trade deadline topic, postulating that the Blackhawks will remain quiet at the deadline once again. [Second City Hockey]

-Who’s the Blackhawks’ sixth defenseman? Kyle Cumiskey is pushing hard to make sure that he gets the role. [Chicago Sun-Times]

-Finally, the NHL is going to be unveiling a slew of new statistics and measurements on their website, and Greg Wyshynski has a great breakdown of everything that fans can expect. [Puck Daddy]

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