Hawks Headlines: Saad, Crawford’s Seasons Examined by Writers

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In this edition of Hawks Headlines, we put a bow on the week by examining the seasons of Corey Crawford and Brandon Saad, laud Patrick Kane for his embrace of one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ most bitter rivalries, and take a look at the four Hawks players one columnist feels will make the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  • We start out with the Committed Indian crew, who has a nice breakdown of Saad’s season. He did a lot of things right, but his defensive positioning does need work. It will be interesting to see if he continues to take cues from Marian Hossa next season. [Real Fans Program]
  • Speaking of report cards, our pals at SCH have some analysis on Corey Crawford’s season. [Second City Hockey]
  • With his penchant for getting drilled with big hits along the boards, there are probably better players than Marcus Kruger to model one’s game after, but that isn’t stopping Phillip Danault from doing so. [CSN Chicago]
  • After excelling at the team’s prospect camp and impressing fans at the Blackhawks Convention over the weekend, Nick Schmaltz leaves the Windy City with some big impressions made on both fans and Hawks executives. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Here’s a pro-tip for you young hockey fans out there: if you get a picture taken with Patrick Kane, make sure that you aren’t wearing a St. Louis Blues shirt. No one will see the logo. [CBS Chicago]
  • Have $7,500 laying around? Then you could be the proud owner of the stick that Mush March used to score the overtime game-winning goal for the Blackhawks in the 1934 Stanley Cup Final. [Heritage Auctions]
  • Dave Lozo checks in with his thoughts on the 30 current NHL players most likely to make the Hockey Hall of Fame, and he includes four Blackhawks on that list. None of them are particularly surprising, but it’s fun to see the other players he has on the list. [Bleacher Report]
  • Finally, the Montreal Canadiens inked defenseman Lars Eller to a four-year contract extension on Thursday. [NHL.com]
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