Hawks Fans Share Game-Night Rituals, Lucky Charms


Can fans help the Blackhawks win in Wednesday night's do-or-die playoff match? 

Some NBC Chicago Facebook fans plan to try. We asked them to share their lucky charms and game-night rituals to pave the way for a Hawks win. Here are the Top 5:

1. Attire

"Every time I attend a playoff game I HAVE to wear my #21, black pants, and boots. Since 2008 I have only been to one playoff game they lost and it's because I did not have boots on!" -- Danielle Shuhulma

2. Talisman

"This superstition happened on accident. I'd left them out like this one Hawks game we were losing and we came back to win and Sharp got a hat trick and Toews had a 5-point night. Now every game, they have to face each and sit so far apart on their exact spots on the coffee table. If they get moved at all, we don't play well until they're fixed." -- Mary Kate McDonald

"My daughter and I built this fellow as a good luck charm for the Hawks. He sits between us for every game." -- Matthew

3. Food

"Blackhawks game day ritual: I get a cookie cake every play-off game from my local grocery (Jewel) and it has to say GO HAWKS on it. Anything else written is taboo. My daughter has to cut the first piece AFTER the first period and before the second period starts." -- Patty Rimkus

4. Art

"Hawks pre-game: Draw a chalkboard Blackhawks on the driveway to win the game." -- Haris Kafadarevic

5. Babies and dogs

"Our little girl is our good luck charm." -- Mada

"Cubbie loves the Blackhawks and likes to wear her jersey on game days." -- Lisa Lavicka


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