Hawks Fan Adds “2013” To Stanley Cup Tattoo

Russell Pederson shows ultimate confidence in Blackhawks team

Russell Pederson has the ultimate faith in his Chicago Blackhawks.

So much so that the Momence, Ill., resident has thrown caution to the wind and added the letters "2013" to the existing Stanley Cup tattoo on his arm.

Pederson first had the tattoo done after the Hawks won the Cup in 2010, but he's so confident the Hawks will win it all this year, he decided to jump the gun and add 2013. Keep in mind this happened Wednesday afternoon -- before the Hawks' nail-biting overtime win that tied the series 2-2.

"I don't believe in jinxes," Pederson told NBC 5. "I do believe it'll go seven games, but I'm confident the Hawks are going to win the Cup."

Pederson turned to artist Teray Spence of Roger's Tattooing to do the deed. She often runs into situations where she advises her clients against getting a certain tattoo -- usually involving a significant other's name -- but there was no changing Pederson's mind.

"All I can say is thank God they won the other night," Spence said. "The way I designed the tattoo, I can add more black shading to it in case I need to cover it up."

But Pederson has another better solution in case the Hawks don't win it all this year.

"I'll just wait until 2018 and hope they win it then, so I can put another three on the opposite side."

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