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Haunted doll scavenger hunt to kick off Halloween season at Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum will soon get into the Halloween spirit with an incredibly creepy display of haunted dolls.

Following the debut of its "Haunted Dolls and History's Horrors" exhibit last year, curators have decided to unveil another spooky installation this season. As it turns out, during last year's exhibit, there was a "mistake" of sorts. The museum said it accidentally released a wayward spirit, and now, "it wants to let its friends out too!"

This year, adults and children are encouraged to embark on a scavenger hunt to find dolls from the museum's collection that have never been displayed. The "spine-tingling adventure" begins Saturday and lasts all the way until Sunday, Nov. 15.

While exploring the "Chicago: Crossroads of America" exhibit, you'll want to "keep your eyes peeled" and "stay on your toes."

"Solve the riddles and collect and unscramble the letters you find to put an end to this wayward spirit’s sinister plan! If you're successful, stop by the Ticket Desk to claim a special prize!," a news release from the museum read.

Information on how to purchase tickets is available here.

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