Arlington Heights Schools Revive Handwriting Classes

Students to be taught cursive and handwriting skills

Maybe there's an app for that.

The use of cursive handwriting in schools has become a lost practice, but for one area school district, classes are being offered in an attempt to bring it back. 

Arlington Heights School District 25 is offering a weeklong summer program for students to practice manual handwriting and cursive, according to Chicago Tribune. Each class is held at South Middle School, 400 S. Highland Ave. in Arlington Heights and costs $25 per student.

The program was launched after parents expressed an interest in the practice. Students use creative writing styles to form letters. Learning to write in cursive is not a state requirement, and individual schools decide whether it will be included in their curriculum . 

Federal education standards do not monitor the number of students who learn handwriting, but do require students be able to type one page by the time they reach fourth grade. 

Arlington continues to teach cursive and handwriting skills throughout the academic year.

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