Hampshire High School Going Remote for 2 Weeks to Slow COVID Transmission

Students will not be allowed on campus for the duration of the remote learning period, between Oct. 12 and 22, according to a Facebook post

Schools across North Texas have been dishing out electronic devices to students as young as kindergarten. It's a way to keep students connected to the campus in cases of remote learning. Parents know they have to watch where their kids are going on the internet, but do you know someone else is watching too?
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Hampshire High School in Kane County will start a two-week remote learning period Monday in an effort to reduce COVID-19 transmission in the community, school officials announced Friday.

The shift to remote learning, which the Illinois Department of Public Health calls an "adaptive pause," is a mitigation strategy being implemented by the Kane County Health Department, according to a post on the school's Facebook page.

Since Sept. 28, a total of 37 students Hampshire High School students have contracted COVID-19.

Students will not be allowed on campus for the duration of the remote instruction period, between Oct. 12 and 22, but will be expected to return in-person on Monday, Oct. 25.

Despite the move to remote learning, the school district and health department are permitting students to participate in sports, with precautions in place.

Those taking part in high-risk sports including football, soccer and volleyball will be required to test for COVID-19 before each game, the school explained. Athletes in sports deemed low-risk only need to test for COVID-19 if taking a bus to an event.

Only immediate family members of students will be allowed as spectators at events, and they must wear a mask, according to the guidance.

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