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Gunfire Erupts in LA Fitness Parking Lot in Lansing

As many as 20 shell casings littered the parking lot in the aftermath

Gunfire erupted in an LA Fitness parking lot Tuesday evening in Lansing where witnesses say gunmen in two vehicles began firing at each other.

Patrons arriving and leaving the fitness center near Torrence Avenue and 173rd Street reported fleeing for cover as a sudden burst of gunfire began.

“I was trying to hide behind the car and other people I saw were already on the ground,” said witness Krunal Jagari.

As many as 20 shell casings littered the parking lot in the aftermath. A pick-up truck believed to be carrying two people and pulling a dirt bike appeared to sustain the brunt of the gunfire.

Witnesses reported hearing several shots before first responders arrived and took at least one victim from the scene in an ambulance.

“There was two gentlemen in there and one was injured badly and they were doing compressions for a very long time,” said witness Dr. Asim Chughtai, who called 911 at the scene. “I don’t think he made it. The other was put in the ambulance and they took him out.”

At least one patron’s car was hit in the gunfire.

Witnesses reported the second vehicle involved was a white sedan, which sped away from the scene, though multiple witnesses also reported one of its occupants may have run or limped away. 

Police have not released information on the shooting as of Tuesday evening, but Illinois State Police were joining the investigation.

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