Gun-Toting Robbers Wearing ‘Anonymous' Masks, Chicago Bears Pajamas, Rob Cellphone Store: Police

Police in West Chicago released surveillance images of armed robbers covered from head to toe and wearing distinctive Guy Fawkes masks in hopes that they will lead to an arrest.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by NBC 5 shows three masked men rush in to a West Chicago AT&T store at about 7:45 p.m. Monday.

They show a handgun and force the clerk into a back room where she is restrained.

"They stole an undetermined number of cell phones from variety of manufacturers and fled the area," West Chicago police Cmdr. Eric Shipman said.

The robbers can be seen stuffing the cell phones into backpacks. Two of the robbers were wearing Chicago Bears pajama pants and the third was wearing black Adidas running pants. All were wearing masks.

"The masks were also unique in that they were all 'Anonymous' or 'V for Vendetta' type masks," Shipman said, referring to the politically-motivated hacker group and 2006 Hollywood film respectively.

Word of the robbery quickly spread to nearby businesses.

Maria Reyes works at a nearby nail salon but she didn't learn what happened until the next morning.

"I feel scared--before I think this is safe area--now I'm scared," she said. "Now we don't know if this is safe place or not."

The AT&T store has now added in-store security as police investigate whether these individuals could be responsible for even more robberies.

"We're looking into that possibility," Shipman said. "There have been some other robberies with similar characteristics in DuPage and western DuPage so [we're] working with partners to try and find that out."

Police have not formally announced a reward in this case, but say good information that leads to an arrest and conviction, could be rewarded.

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