Guardian Angels Foil Robbery on Red Line

South Side men allegedly robbed passenger of a camera

mitchell marshall

Those Guardian Angels that are often seen on Chicago Transit Authority trains at night made a citizen's arrest early Wednesday morning, nabbing two South Side men who allegedly stole a camera from a passenger.

The men -- Ryan Mitchell, 19, of the 9600 block of South Langley Avenue, and Hoyle Marshall, 22, of the 9600 block of 9600 block of South Union Avenue -- are charged with robbery and battery causing bodily harm, according to a release from police.

Their arrest was recorded by the Guardian Angels and posted to the Internet.  In the video, Mitchell can be heard pleading for forgiveness.  At one point he's heard telling the Angels that he's 16 years old and only stole the camera because he's broke and homeless.

Chicago Guardian Angels chapter leader Miguel Fuentes said the incident began at about 1:40 a.m. Wednesday on a northbound Red Line train.  He and two other Angels were on the train when they saw three males walking through the train cars and "eyeballing the passengers," according to a report.

A few minutes later, near the Clark and Division station, they noticed two passengers with a video camera taping each other for a school project, Fuentes said.

The three men who the Angels said they'd seen casing the passengers hit the student with the video camera and took it before quickly getting off the train at the Addison stop, said Fuentes.

The Angels chased after and struggled with two of the three men before making the citizen's arrest.

Police took the pair into custody.  The third man got away.

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