Groupon Watch: SEC Study May Delay IPO, $10.2 mil Zappedy Buy

Groupon's IPO may be put off by more study of its accounting practices by the SEC, according to reports. Also, last week the company bought Zappedy, a Chilean startup, and today it’s reported to be over $10.2 million in stock. Not bad. Publishers of Time Out have plans to rival Groupon in ticket sale deals, and the Seeking Alpha blog opines that Groupon’s profitability is “only a matter of time.” Also, Forbes blog suggests keeping an eye out for Expedia’s earnings tomorrow – they may be impacted by Groupon’s partnership. Read on: 

  • Groupon's IPO may be prolonged by more SEC scrutiny. (CNBC). 
  • Groupon buys Zappedy for over $10.2 million in stock. (TechCrunch). 
  • Time Out has plans to turn into a “Ticketmaster with reviews,” a new twist to ticket-buying and more rivalry for Groupon. (Bloomberg). 
  • Step aside, critics: Groupon’s profits are on the way. Get ready. (Seeking Alpha). 
  • Watch for a Groupon spike in Expedia’s Q2 earnings tomorrow. (Forbes).
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