Groupon Watch: Red Flags and Inflated Pricing

groupon 1018

The latest Groupon dissection ponders how Groupon’s underwriters -- not-so-ironically, all big banks -- could have missed red flags and priced the IPO at such a high valuation.

And lately, there’s been speculation that Groupon and other daily deal sites are inflating their value, and a former sales rep says it’s true.

Also, new tax rules on daily deals in New York. Read more:

  • How did the big bank underwriters miss the red flags in Groupon’s IPO docs? (New York Times)
  • More analysis of the declining IPO value. (CNET)
  • A former (anonymous) Groupon sales rep says the company “absolutely” inflates deal prices. (Business Insider)
  • Meanwhile, New York state tax administrators detail new taxation rules on daily deals. (Forbes)
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