Groupon Watch: Lower IPO Valuation Not Peanuts

groupon 1020

Groupon’s upcoming (rumored) IPO is not near the $25 billion (rumored) valuation.

Who didn’t suspect a bit of a discount? Discover why below.

Also, see why Groupon’s not attracting any fans among those with peanut allergies, and KGBDeals is gaining ground.

Read more:

  • A closer view into the smaller IPO valuation. (Wall Street Journal)\
  • Groupon’s not gaining fans with its “peanut allergy” comment (admittedly amusing). (Technorati)
  • Groupon and Android hook up, in a fab tech article with lots of cool adjectives. (Goodereader)
  • Kgbdeals gains ground with NYC expansion. (Reuters)
  • Today’s Deal: $15 Movie Night with Popcorn and Drinks for Two, Four, or Six at Pickwick Theater ($28 Value)
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