Groupon Watch: Feisty Internal Memo Ahead of IPO

Groupon head Andrew Mason sends a defensive and “pugnacious” email to employees. Is this his way of slipping past the rules of the SEC’s quiet period? In any case it’s not going to stop the critics: a Forbes contributor makes it clear he is not buying the company’s growth story. And Groupon’s considering  international headquarters in Switzerland. Read on:

  • Andrew Mason strikes back at critics with a defensive email to staff. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Some see the internal memo as a sly tactic to avoid SEC quiet-period rules. (Business Insider)
  • Still, it won’t stop the pessimistic press. (Forbes)
  • Groupon’s considering international HQ in Switzerland. (Wall Street Journal)
  • There are 600 Groupon rivals. Is there room for everyone?(MSNBC)
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