Groupon UK Christmas Fracas Makes Elf Quit, Kids Cry

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You can't make this stuff up, folks. This past weekend in London, nearly 2,000 families took advantage of a Groupon promising train rides around a winter wonderland for Christmas. But event organizer Penny Ward told the press that they were only able to handle 40 children an hour. We'll pause here so you can do the math, but, yes. Things didn't go so well. Although the staff did its best to keep pace, eventually things went awry. More from Ward: "“It was a complete nightmare. Children were crying and upset. One man even verbally threatened the lady who is dressed as a Christmas tree. One of the elves was so upset that she has resigned.”

According to the swarthily handsome MSNBC, Ward had signed off on the Groupon deal -- implying she knowingly could have prevented this. But try telling that to the elf who quit and the tree who got yelled at.

Meanwhile, the UK trading authority has begun an investigation on Groupon UK. The Advertising Standards Authority is following up on three major concerns:

  • Failure to conduct promotions fairly, such as not making clear significant terms and conditions
  • Failure to provide evidence that offers are available
  • Exaggeration of savings claims

Objectively speaking, the cracks aren't just starting to show -- the light shining through them is starting to become blinding. Is this a case of just too much expansion too quickly? Poor management? When it all pans out, it'll be an interesting case study in... something.

Groupon's stock is currently nestled at $19.32 -- climbing slightly but still not back at its initial $20 asking price.

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