Groupon News Today: Privacy Changes


Welcome to the start of another week of Groupon News Today.

Over the last few days, we learned that Groupon changed its privacy statements to warn customers their personal info may be collected for further use (probably something you should have suspected). An editorial also scolded CEO Andrew Mason for not acting his age, and LivingSocial may join the IPO party this fall. Read on:

  • Groupon sent emails about changes made to its privacy statements, particularly for users of mobile apps. (Crain's). 
  • An editorial in Crain’s suggests Groupon’s Mason needs to “quit the shtick” and project more of a CEO image, especially with all of the public scrutiny of the company. (Crain’s). 
  • LivingSocial has picked three banks for an upcoming IPO, putting it in the same timeline as Groupon. (New York Times). 
  • Another competitor is challenging the Groupon model with a trio of deals (BusinessWeek) while another pops up to offer sports deals only. (TechCrunch).
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