Groupon News Today: Facebook, AT&T Jump In

Groupon News Today brings more competition, as the big guys take their own shot at the daily deal model. Facebook is teaming up with American Express, and AT&T has jumped on board too. Meanwhile Marketwatch compared Groupon and Zynga as longer-term investments, and found a marginal winner in Zynga. 

  • Facebook and AmEx collaborate to offer daily deals – and unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, cardholders don’t have to pay up front to get the Amex deals. (Washington Post).
  • AT&T is joining the fray with a Yellow Pages combo in three major metro areas, including L.A.(Wall Street Journal). 
  • Hearst Corp. has plans for its own Groupon clone for subscribers of Road & Track and Car and Driver, with the intent to eventually present offerings to all of its magazine subscribers. (BusinessInsider).
  • Summing up the IPO filings, Marketwatch looks at what kind of investments Groupon and Zynga are going to be over a one- to three-year time frame. (Marketwatch).
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