Groupon News Today: CT Wants More Info on Deals

What's happening with Groupon today? Although it has been quiet, we learned that Groupon coupons may be considered gift certificates in Connecticut, which means the company is violating a state law. Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said he’s asking Groupon for more information about its business practices. Also, the Atlantic warns that Groupon big-ticket items – like $500 off of a car this week – might not be the way to go. Side note: the car deal was good for a Detroit dealership only, and is redeemable beginning today. 

  • Jepsen wrote to Groupon’s Andrew Mason to ask for information about coupons offered, including terms of use, revenue, and expiration dates. He said he’s not jumping to conclusions at this point and hopes to discuss it further. Besides, Groupon is used to questions. (Bloomberg)
  • Some think that Groupons for big items could be damaging to the company for various reasons, including that its customer base may not welcome the new deals. (The Atlantic).  
  • Another naysayer emerges, cautioning against using the daily deal model to save money. (MSN Money).
  • And, though the news was mentioned yesterday, it’s worthy of note again: one of Groupon cofounders, Eric Lefkofsky, was named to World Business Chicago. It’s the economic development corporation that Mayor Emanuel has decided to refresh with new faces. (Chicago Tribune).

Todays deal: Chicagoland Pass of All Passes.

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