Groupon News Today: Amended S-1, More Atty. Gen. Probing

A day doesn’t often pass without news from Groupon – and this Friday is no different, beginning with its amended S-1 filing on Thursday afternoon. The company re-filed its statement with the SEC which, among other things, retracts co-founder Eric Lefkofsky’s “wildly profitable” statement and adds more underwriting banks, which is now a total of 14. Those inclined to read the entire statement can do so here. Also, after the Connecticut Attorney General questioned Groupon’s business practices, Illinois also wants to have a word. Read more: 
  • Groupon adds a disclaimer for Lefkofsky’s boasting about Groupon’s future profits (Wall Street Journal) and proves that more banks want in on its IPO action. (Wall Street Journal). 
  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to know how Groupon’s business practices fit into Illinois law, with plans to talk in August. (Crain’s). 
  • Amid all the Groupon buzz, Lightbank talks about its approach to finding entrepreneurs. (FastCompany). 
  • An interesting take on young guys learning from old pros: the New York Times explains how Groupon can learn from Motorola, even pointing out similarities in the company names. (New York Times).
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